Digital Marketing Services

We helped our clients to boost their sales through digital & social media marketing tools and techniques. Our content specialists creates high quality contents for your products and services to attract potential customers.

Web & Software Solutions

We are developing the innovative software product for the betterment of the people of Myanmar. We provide the high quality software and IT infrastructure solutions to meet your business needs.

Strategic IT Consulting for Businesses

We provide IT related consultation service for companies and enterprises strategically. As the technological experts, we are confident that our ideas and advises will optimize the solutions to your business.

Social Media Marketing Division

Digital Marketing

We provides digital marketing services or social media marketing services. We have dedicated team of Digital Marketing Specialists and graphics designers who can boost the potential sales of your business. Your business can be reached easily to targeted audiences among 21 Millions Facebook users in Myanmar.

Douleaf Division

Website and web applications development

Duoleaf is one of the branches under the Poppa Technologies and Services. Duoleaf team provides web solutions for publicity, web connectivity and productivity. Previous web projects developed and delivered by Duoleaf proved the reliability and quality. Duoleaf maintained positive feedback from customers while they are doing their development and maintenance works. Our product highlights:
  • School Management System
  • Workshop and Store Management System

Myanmar Event Hub Division

Event publicity and ticketing services

MEH is one of the branches under the Poppa Technologies and Services. MEH team provides digital solutions to event organizers together with our duoleaf team. MEH can provides event website development service, e-ticketing service, and publicity services using social media marketing strategies.

Technical Partnership

Our Clients